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Lunch Schedule                                                                          

Martinez:  11:00-11:30

Gonzales:  11:05-11:35

Paden:  11:10-11:40

Morin:  11:15-11:45

Smith:  11:20-11:50

Sanchez:  11:25-11:55

Campbell:  11:30-12:00

Delcambre:  11:35-12:05

Flores:  11:40-12:10

Limon:  11:45-12:15

O’Daniel:  11:50-12:20

Gonzales:  11:55-12:25


Attendance is vital to your child’s education.  A percentage of the learning that we do is oral and hands on and not something that can be sent home.  Please make every effort to have your child at school every day.  We understand that it is difficult at these ages to decide if a cough or “I don’t feel good” is reason enough to keep your child at home.  Please only keep your child home for a fever or vomiting.  Attendance policy is as follows:

State law requires 90% attendance rate for your child.

Each parent will receive 7 days of parent excused absences without a Doctor note.  You must call in and let us know that your child will be absent for it to count as a parent excuse.  If you cannot call, you must send a note with your child upon their return to school.  After 7 parent excused absences, all absences are unexcused unless you provide a Doctor note within 3 days of your child returning to school.

Phone calls from our office will be made on a daily basis for students who are absent and have not been called in.  Absent letters will be sent for 5 or more absences and home visits will be made to parents with chronic absences.  Parents will be filed on in truancy court if the 90% rule is exceeded for absences.

3 tardies will be counted as 1 unexcused absence. 

If you check your child out for a Doctor appointment or bring them in after the bell has rung due to a Doctor appointment, please bring the Doctor note with you to the office so that it will not count as an unexcused partial absence or as a partial absence for the 7 days of parents excused absences.  Please note:  If you pick up your child between 11:45 and 3:25 it is considered a tardy and the 3 tardies = 1 absence rule applies.

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