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December 2019: Music Lab Winter Program

December program is on 12/9 at 5:00 p.m.

Our December program for the Music Lab group will be December 9th at 5:00 p.m. in the gymnasium. Our program  is entitled “Winter Glow.” The ACES 12 Days of Christmas will immediately follow our program in the CHE building. More information concerning clothing will be sent home soon.

Here are the practice videos:

Our first song, Red Bird, will feature several students playing jingle bells, and the rest will be snapping their fingers.

Our second song brought the challenge of singing in Spanish to many of our students. Fiesta de Navidad is an upbeat song that is probably the absolute favorite of our students on this program.

The third song, A Candle Glowing in the Window, will feature a soloist, Jazmyn Jones, at the first and an ensemble of Nora Maines, Delaney Myatt, Emmaleigh Campos and Adalynn Flores singing on the short solo right before the end.

Christmas is not the only December holiday. Hanakkuh is celebrated by Jews everywhere to celebrate God’s deliverance from a mighty army. This song, Menorah Glow, talks about the significance of the menorah during that celebration.

One of my favorite Christmas hymns is O, Come, All Ye Faithful. I love the upbeat arrangement on this song.

Our closing song speaks to the true spirit of Christmas, that of giving rather than gettingChristmas Night is a favorite every time we perform it.

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