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Music Lab February Program

Our next program will be February 28th at 6:00 P.M. in the CHE cafeteria. The name of our program is “DREAMIN’,” and will focus on the US Civil Right Movement. All our songs will focus on ideas and important people from this time in our history.


Our first song is an arrangement of an African American spiritual and Vacation Bible School favorite: “This Little Light of Mine.” The song was used to remind people what was really calling everyone to treat each other fairly. Our first graders will be providing our accompaniment on pitched and non-pitched percussion.


Another spiritual used to encourage participants in the Civil Rights movement is “Get On Board, Little Children.” It was used to call people to “get on board” with equality for everyone.


John F. Kennedy was important to the Civil Rights Movement because he pushed for changes in our laws to make discrimination illegal. Although he died before he could see this laws come to be, his influence is still felt, and his words from his most famous speech inspires Americans today. 


Martin Luther King, Jr., is a person who is closely connected with the Civil Rights Movement. A powerful speaker, King pushed for non-violent responses and civil disobedience in the face of horrible discrimination and hate. Again borrowing from a famous speech, King’s words in “I Have A Dream” push us to dream of a better world.

No video available yet. Coming soon.


The next to last song in our program suggests the answer to the problem of discrimination and hate is ‘Kindness.” This song will feature several soloists.


Why should we treat each other fairly and with kindness? Quite simply, we’re “In This World Together.” This upbeat song is a great reminder that we do indeed need to just get along.


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