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It’s time to sign up for summer camp!

Colonial Heights Summer Camp is designed to offer exciting educational and enrichment activities at NO COST to participants! It’s available to all current kindergarten - 1st grade students.

We have many programs to offer students!!  Starting at 8:00 am each day, students will rotate between exciting programs and experience hands-on learning in a safe and fun environment.

Here’s a preview of some of the summer offerings:

  1. Music Blast-Sing along to original, traditional and multi-cultural musical selections that introduce your child to a variety of different tonal and rhythmic meters. Learn to keep and follow a beat through drumming, stomping, dancing and musical play. Participate in music activities that help develop student’s motor skills - such as dancing, clapping and bouncing.

  2. “Let’s Cook”-Kids have the opportunity to create healthy meals that teach kids while they learn important math and reading skills as they follow recipes and measure ingredients. Children also learn about food safety and meal planning skills they help them learn about nutrition and healthy choices in a very fun, interactive way.

  3. Stride Academy-An award-winning, learning solution for students that quickly accelerates learning with engaging curriculum engineered to address critical learning standards. Students will play short-form computer games that deliver motivation, engagement and short "brain breaks" to energize learning.

  4. American Sign Language- Students will walk through the basics of American Sign Language (ASL), including word order and grammar. Learn how to build vocabulary by themes, such as animals and colors; sign the alphabet; discuss time, money, family, and more! Your fingers will speak volumes.

  5. Fitness Fun- students will have a chance to participate in many games including dodgeball, soccer, tag, kick ball and so many more! Cheer and dance, basketball skills and tumbling and agility will also be available for students.

  6. College and Career Prep- Students will be introduced to local and national wide colleges, play games that help them explore different career paths, and gain a better understanding of workplace skills.                        

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Sign-ups and News 

June 1st -June 26th 8:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m
How to enroll:
1.) Fill out registration form stapled to this flyer.
2.) Send the registration form back to school on or before Friday, May 22nd. Don’t let your child miss this wonderful opportunity!
Dates to Remember:
Enrollment Forms Due: 	Fri., May 22nd
First Day June 1st 
Last Day June 26th
Transportation will be provided by Durham Transportation busing system. Please check appropriate box on the registration form if your child needs to ride the bus.


Registration Form                    


Child’s Name________________________________ Date of Birth___________ Age______

Child’s Address _______________________________ City____________ Zip________

School Attending _______________________ Grade ________ Teacher _____________


FATHER/LEGAL GUARDIAN (name)____________________________________________________________________

ADDRESS (street)_______________________________________ (city/state)_________________________ (zip)_________

EMPLOYER _____________________________________________________ (work phone)__________________________

CONTACT (home phone)_________________ (cell phone)_________________ (email)______________________________

PLACE AN “X” ON YOUR PREFERRED WAY TO BE CONTACTED (hm phone)__  (wk phone)__  (cell/text)__ (email)__


MOTHER/LEGAL GUARDIAN (name)___________________________________________________________________

ADDRESS (street)_______________________________________ (city/state)_________________________ (zip)_________

EMPLOYER _____________________________________________________ (work phone)__________________________

CONTACT (home phone)_________________ (cell phone)_________________ (email)______________________________

PLACE AN “X” ON YOUR PREFERRED WAY TO BE CONTACTED (hm phone)__  (wk phone)__  (cell/text)__ (email)__


Please check the appropriate box that indicates your child’s mode of transportation home from the After School Program.

  • My child will need bus transportation.

  • Pick-up

  • Drop-off

  • Both


  • My child will be picked up daily by myself/spouse or my designee (as stated in the emergency contact).

  • Other _______________________________________________________________


    * Special Needs/Instructions (be specific, i.e. allergies, medications, restrictions, etc. ):




    Emergency Contact:  _____________________________________

    CONTACT (home phone)_________________ (cell phone)_________________ _______________________________________________________________________

    →Please Sign-Parent/guardian signature _________________Date ____________




Boxtops For Education

Colonial Heights will once again be collecting Boxtops for Education.
This is an easy fundraiser for our young children and does not require any selling.  Simply clip the BTFE coupons shown above from the many products that participate in the program.  Each Boxtop earns ten cents for our school.  Last year we raised almost $2000.00 for our school.  We have new benches on our playground that were purchased with funds raised with our Boxtops.  Clip boxtops and send to school with your child.  They will get to "feed" them to the bear located near the office.


  Morning Bell........7:55 
   Tardy Bell............8:00
   Release Bell........3:15